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#White Papers

What led to this condition?

Everything is fine? That shouldn’t make us invisible

18 pumps under the responsibility of a Condition Monitoring team, demonstrating an almost identical behavior, with identical symptoms… and surely calling for full attention. A user (meaning a friend, a member of the SDT family) asked me to assist. I was happy to join the party. Firstly, I looked at all the Ultrasound data one by one, and all of them looked quite similar to the one shown on the right.

After detailed examination of the entire data set, I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. With no hesitation, I called some people much cleverer than myself, to review all the vibration data and they came back with the absolute same conclusion about the condition – they found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.

Although it seemed that the party was over, the best part was yet to come; some Root Cause Analysis resulting with a report about the whole thing, root causes of that condition and maybe some recommendations. “If it wasn’t in a newspaper, it never happened”.

One might think that there was no reason to do an RCA, and that there was nothing to report, because everything is fine. Well, we thought that we had a perfectly good reason for RCA and a proper report.


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