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Taking Airborne Ultrasound, Spectral & Waveform Data

Airborne ultrasound inspection is used to monitor the condition of electrical assets and pinpoint the exact location of electrical faults.

Locating and eliminating electrical defects in a timely manner helps manufacturers cut down on unplanned downtime and safety risks. Electrical failures can cause short circuits, fires, transformer explosions, and major damage to integral components within a facility. A common electrical fault that is detected using ultrasound is corona discharge. Corona discharge is caused by ionization of air molecules close to a point of very high voltage potential gradient. The ionization breaks down the air and forms ozone and nitrous oxide. Corona discharge will produce a constant bubbling sound, which will either be at the supply frequency or twice line frequency. Using an acoustic imaging camera makes monitoring the condition of electrical assets with ultrasound even easier. Acoustic Imaging Cameras combine multi-frequency ultrasound sensors with digital imaging to provide reliability practitioners with an acoustic image.


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