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Absorbent mat to preserve floors

Secad is being involved for a very long time in several designs of adhesive tapes for temporary use for the most diverse applications.

The last creation was commissioned by a leading industrial company to solve cleaning problems in its production departments.

The simplest and most ordinary plastic protective tapes were immediately excluded; in fact these are not suitable to absorb the splashes of liquids resulting from the various processes.

A non-woven fabric (TNT) of suitable weight has been chosen to hold liquids and prevent the operators from slipping.

To strengthen the tape, the TNT has been coupled to a PET film which has the additional quality of not allowing dirt and liquids to pass through.

For an easy application of the tape without annoying air bubbles, the adhesive has been coated in stripes.

Some rolls have also been prepared with striped adhesive on the outside; this allowed to apply the mat simply by pushing the roll on the floor.

Finally the adhesive, to obtain maximum adhesion in use while still maintaining an excellent ease of removal even after several days of stay, was chosen.

The product is available on request for suitable lots.


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