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Driving Impact – Safe food and saving food

eBook from Sesotec about more productivity and safety and less waste in the food industry

Schönberg, April 2020

In order to secure the global supply of food in the future, waste must be reduced and productivity increased. In addition, retailers and consumers don’t just expect safe and high-quality food, they are legally entitled to it.

In the eBook "Driving Impact – Safe food and saving food" Sesotec among others describes, what challenges the development of the world's population and especially food safety pose for manufacturers and processors and how they can still be mastered. The eBook deals with the following subjects:

- what influence the development of the world population has on the food industry

- why the pressure on manufacturers and processors continues to rise

- what food manufacturers and processors need to cope with this

The eBook can be downloaded from the Sesotec website at


  • 94513 Schönberg, Germany
  • Sesotec GmbH