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Nanhua Electronics‘ Celebration Party Was Held Successfully!

Please come and feel the joy of Nanhua people with us now, and you must not miss the wonderful pictures below -

On a hot summer day, a few white clouds floated in the blue sky.

The fiery temperatures of the past few days were like the burning enthusiasm of the Nanhua People.

On the afternoon of August 2, 2019, the ice cream that suddenly appeared in the Nanhua office brought sweetness and coolness to every Nanhua People.

In the evening, Nanhua people attended the Celebration Party in the downtown of Shanghai. The joyful cruise ship was on the Huangpu River. The lights on both sides were intertwined with the joy of the cruise ship. Nanhua people were celebrating the team's concerted efforts and look forward to working together to create a better future.

We sincerely thank each and every employee of Nanhua Electronics. It is because of everyone's persistence and dedication that Nanhua has achieved today's results. We hope that we will continue to work together in the future.

There are always many reasons to fall in love with a team. Let us integrate into the team and make ourselves a reliable part, and we can make this love more colorful.

We gather from all over the country to Nanhua Electronics. Whether we are parents who have responsibilities of our children’s future or the “big children” who have just left the campus. We can pursue their dreams and better lives in an interactive, open, creative and positive atmosphere of Nanhua Electronics.

There are no standard answers to good dreams, but each member of Nanhua Electronics has the same characteristics. We turn the attitude of respecting work into a practical reality. Please be interested and continue this process with Nanhua.

Please come and feel the joy of Nanhua people with us now, and you must not miss the wonderful pictures below -

The cruise ship slowly passed through the Shanghai landmark building, Magnolia Plaza, where the red light from Nanhua Aviation Obstruction Light flashed on the Plaza, and we continued to move forward...

Bless you, bless Nanhua!



  • Shanghai, China
  • Chai Zhiwen