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NANHUA’s Intelligent Lighting System

The lamps are smarter: NANHUA solves the application needs more comprehensively。

At present, the world's largest automated container terminal on the Shanghai Ocean Harbor Deepwater Port Area Phase IV terminal has set a new record, with innovative technology to obtain cost advantages, efficiency advantages and performance advantages, etc., into the "smart wharf" era.

For NANHUA Electromechanical, the comprehensive and reliable lighting system is closely related to the safety and efficiency of the terminal operation,designing a perfect lighting system is a challenge and opportunity brought by the trend of the intelligent terminal. Harsh environment is a common problem faced by port staff and equipment,as an indispensable role of port terminal, lighting system should not only light the terminal world with reliable performance, but also bear the trend of “wisdom” in the terminal, the task of intelligent transformation and energy saving.

When you see the shore cranes and bridge cranes that are stretched for several kilometers on the “unmanned” dock, they work in an orderly, smooth and efficient manner, and complete the transportation and stacking with a precision of centimeter. Do you think that lighting can also improve the efficiency of the dock with more intelligent and surprising functions?

The intelligent operation of the switch remote control, brightness adjustment, group operation, fault warning, data analysis, etc. That is the highlight of NANHUA’s Lighting Control System. For the general signal transmission method, we have designed two schemes, Zigbee and NB-IOT, which can realize multi-end access, and the way of computer and mobile APP can query and control the status of the lamps anytime and anywhere.

The lighting control system of NANHUA makes the lighting management operation easier, more direct and more flexible, visualize energy saving and faults in the form of reports, and the status trend is clear at a glance.

Luminaires are more energy efficient: an ideal solution for light efficiency and energy consumption.

After initializing the functions of self-owned group switch control and dimming, the system can timely feedback various information of the lighting facilities to the management department, such as voltage, current, power consumption, lighting rate, fault information, control mode, etc, It is convenient for the lighting management department to master the lighting situation. Operators can also intelligently adjust luminaire illumination based on weather conditions and operating hours, reducing unnecessary waste and adapting to higher lighting needs.

The intelligent dimming system is a practical function in the scheme. When workers work at night, the output percentage of luminous flux can be adjusted according to the height of the spreader, so as to improve the illumination and evenness of the spreader surface, provide more comfortable lighting environment for the operators, and effectively reduce the errors caused by glare.

The new intelligent lighting system not only brings economic benefits, but also makes the operation under industrial environment safer. The visual control function and better performance lighting system help the intellectualization of the terminal. NANHUA always insist the concept of "born for safety" to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the port.

NANHUA’s Intelligent Lighting System


  • Shanghai, China

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