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Exhibition Review: Rail+Metro China 2019

In this exhibition, we carried the signal, lighting and control products together.

Recently, Shanghai International Rail Transit Exhibition has successfully concluded at the International Convention and Exhibition Center. The venue has gathered international professional exhibitors from the industry to showcase the leading applications of the global track. On this platform, Nanhua Electronics Company Limited is also actively seeking new opportunities for cooperation and developing the new product application field.

In this exhibition, we carried the signal, lighting and control products together. The industrial product design and product display effect attracts the audience inside and outside the industry to ask for understanding, the professional audience also brings us in the communication of exhibit application new ideas and help.

Signal products have been filled by many audiences. Industrial traffic lights are power indicator devices developed by our company for port equipment, they have protection levels and many reliable functions to adopt to the harsh environment of the port. The supporting signal lights and signal display screens have also been maturely applied to major ports. In the future, we expect and will make efforts to make Nanhua’s signal products have better application performance in the rail transit industry.

The various designs,clearness of lighting products as well as the comfortable lighting effect is a highlight of NANHUA. The lamps are suitable for outdoor or indoor, port or mine, weight from 16kg to 0.1kg difference industries customized professional solutions.

It is worth mentioning that our latest intelligent lighting system is also successfully applied, keeping up with the construction progress of the intelligent terminal. The lighting management operation of Nanhua. Lighting system is easier, more direct and flexible, which not only brings economic benefits, but also allows work under industrial environment is safer.

The three-day exhibition has ended. Our debut at the rail transit exhibition will deepen the connection between NANHUA and the rail transit industry. We will also pay more attention to the needs of the rail transit industry and insist the concept of the reliable and safe research, we are ideally committed to providing perfect industrial product solutions.

Exhibition Review: Rail+Metro China 2019


  • Shanghai, China

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