PVD Coatings in Medical Devices Industry

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Medical Instruments PVD Coating Equipment

Royal Technology Provides the Turnkey coating solutions on medical surgery instruments. Especially the DLC thin film is generated by our exclusively coating system.

The PVD coating technology has been introduced to the medical device industry since late 1980s, physical vapor deposition (PVD) has become widely used to deposit wear-resistant thin-film coatings on a variety of medical devices, including orthopedic implants, pacemakers, surgical instruments, orthodontic appliances and dental instruments.

The Coating Properties and Applications

The value of PVD technology rests in its ability to modify the surface properties of a device without changing the underlying material properties and biomechanical functionality.

PVD coatings provide a number of benefits to medical devices in addition to hardness and adhesion. The most significant are

Improved wear resistance

Reduced friction


Decorative colors & aesthetic

Chemical barrier

Nickel Sensitivity

Saline Solutions


The Applications:

Orthopedic Implants

Bone Impolant Moving Components (hips, ankles etc.)

Surgical Tools (Instruments)

Dental Instruments and Brain Implants

Orthopedics, Arthroscopic and Endoscopic Components

Welcome to contact us to discuss the your application possibilities with ROYAL TECHNOLOGY'S engineers.

CsI High Vacuum Metallizing Coater
CsI High Vacuum Metallizing Coater

Royal Technology cares about your health.

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