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October 13th and 14th. 2019, Royal technology organized the team building activity- a 2 days tour to mountain areas.

During these 2 days, we played hardly, forget the heavy works, the headache kids, all troubles have been thrown aways, here, we are feeling the great beautiful nature, the loyal and true laughs, the delicious food... very impressive tour.

It reminds us how important to protect our blue planet- the Earth.We are fortunately to get involved in this PVD industry and donate our very tiny efforts to protect our environment with our technology.

We learn how important to give each other a hand when he or she or you are in a difficult situation. We encouraged each other to climb up to the top of mountain, we encouraged each other to do challenge activities... there is a bonded tie among us: family-like-ship.

We learn never say NO, IMPOSSIBLE in front of difficulties, life is like climbing the mountain, its a journey with laughs, sweats, toughs, but you have to go forward step by step. Until the moment that you are standing on the top and take a bird-view of the place.. yeah!!! this is the time. All efforts are worthy.

Thanks for the very short 2 days tour, it makes everyone being ourselves, keep going and looking forward next time’s tour together.

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