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On November 5th. 2019, Royal Technology celebrated its 13th. birthday.

Royal Technology established in the year of 2006, after 13 years, we have been growing up to be a professional team serving various commercial industries: electronics of high aesthetic films deposition, EMI shileding and NCVM coating process from R&D till the first equipment's born, and standardized; the first DPC (direct plating copper) on ceramic chips used for LED, electric circuit board etc; the first CsI vacuum metallizing system, the first FC bipolar sheets deposition system's R&D, the C60's inductive metallization; the Arc bond sputtering cathodes' integrated machine's design and manufacturing, we started from the small machine values 30000USD and today, we provide the machine values up to 500K USD and even more, the achievement and honor of the company's reputation belongs to every member in the team.

We can not forget the days and nights continue working till mid-night, only to catch up the delivery time we promised to customer;

We can not forget the engineers and technicians had the strong debating on a small component, only for how to improve the machine's stable property and practically using at the point of end use;

We can not forget the customers exciting face when the first experiment operated in the built machine, " It's only theory discussion before, at this moment, I see it by my own eyes and it works!!!" said of Mr. Woo, the Finger print imaging machine's customer.

We can not forget the frustrating moods among the team after many tests, however, we keep in mind: customer's bottleneck is the mission for us, we are here to solve problems for customers. With this belief, everyone donated themselves to next round experiments until a successful result.

Today, let's cheer up for ourselves, thanks for the team, thanks for the customer, thanks for all your efforts and supports in these 13 years!

13 years, we are like a big families, we are getting along very well like brothers and sisters. We are so proud of ourselves have been donating ourselves in the PVD vacuum coating industry for more than 10 years.

Royal technology, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we will see you next year! We will come back with an excellent work report.

Thank you very much everyone!

Royal Team


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