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Shanghai ABB motor co., LTD.

Shanghai ABB motor co., LTD. Is specialized in the production and sales of low-voltage ac three-phase asynchronous motors. With its good management and advanced technology, ABB motor co., ltd. provides customers with the world's top ABB products and services.

Products: fire-resistant cable series

Supply date: 2001

China South Locomotive Group Corporation

CSR is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of railway rolling stock, urban rail transit vehicles and related products, and has an important position and influence in the rail transit equipment industry in China.

Products: temperature sensor cable

the delivery time is January 2012

Beijing Haibosi

Beijing hai bo strong, is the national well-known BMS supplier, supply many well-known oems. Advanced technology, leadership quality. Beijing haibo si chuang technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as haibo si chuang) was founded on November 4, 2011, located in zhongguancun science and technology park, Beijing. Mainly engaged in the development, engineering design and system integration of electric vehicle battery management system and smart grid energy storage system in the new energy industry.

Our products: teflon high temperature line, electric vehicle cross-linked polyolefin cable;

Supply time: starting from 2015

Jiangsu Chunlan

Jiangsu chunlan, is the domestic well-known power lithium battery manufacturers. Company is the collection development, production, sales in a body specialized in the production of high power battery and its management system of high-tech enterprises, was named the province


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