Inclinometer used in solar industry

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Along with the conventional energy capacity increasing decline, the environment pollution is more serious to search for and develop 'environmental protection new energy "has become an important topic of the world.

Solar energy is a new kind of renewable energy, is rich in resources, and free use, and without transport, but also to the environment without any pollution, is an ideal energy. The solar energy industry is our country at present the vigorously support and the development of new energy sources, one of the industry.

According to the actual needs of the market and home solar automatic tracking system manufacturers offer, plus red Finn technology to independent Angle sensor technology years of keep improving, we roll out ceremoniously red Finn science and technology research and development production Angle sensor in the application of solar energy automatic tracking system.

"Ephemeris calculation + GPS + Angle sensor measurement" automatic tracking the sun's way, tracking accuracy high, installation is simple to use convenient, data accurate and reliable, not affected by seasonal transformation/climate change/environment such as bad, and the influence of anytime and anywhere can accurately track the sun, power generation efficiency can be increased by 40%.

Inclinometer used in solar industry

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