Industrial Cellular used in Solar Monitoring System

Luka Cai
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What is the main role for Wlink LTE router in Solar monitoring sysem

Nowadays, solar has been widely utilized as a renewable clean energy and a large number of distributed solar power plants has been built and gone into operation. It’s critical for monitoring and management such as real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, power prediction, active/reactive power control system and daily maintenance in the distribution system.

Due to the solar power station in remote and distributed environment, the wired monitoring and management is obviously not realistic. However, equipping with WLINK 4G/3G router for each access point which is able to transmit solar power station data by 4G/3G is the ideal solution replace of fiber or wired line .WLINK 4G/3G router provides stable, reliable and real-time 4G/3G network between solar power station and data server center.


Provide the stable and high speed connection on 4G/3G network

Re-connect automatically to ensure continual communication

Remote real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis

Maintenance cost low

No limited by the geographical position

Safe and reliable without risk of electric shock

Enable fast and easy installation, operation and fixed relocation

M2M router in Solar monitoring
M2M router in Solar monitoring

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