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Gear Motor for Electromagnetic Lock of Charging Pile

Rated Voltage: 12V DC Power Consumption: 24W (DC12V, R=6Ω±5% ) Duty Cycle: on/off=0.2S/3.8S Operating Voltage: DC12V±10% Stroke:Magnetic Attraction: 0.5mm:≥500gf (electrified with DC 12V) Holding Force: ≥200f (not electrified) Insulation Resist

Charging pile electromagnetic lock gets more and more widespread. But the progress in technology is very slow, which makes the products developed by large companies with lots of money have little difference compared with the ordinary products of small enterprises. Customers only care about the function and price, making the inevitable price war. The charging piles standing on the wind outlet of the new infrastructure currently have shortcomings of “difficult to charge”, “difficult to maintain”, and “many failures”. Making the charging pile easy to use, safe, and durable is a problem that much new energy vehicle charging pile equipment manufacturers need to solve urgently. We use micro transmission technology to optimize the structure of the gearbox of the charging pile.


ZHAOWEI gearbox for charging pile EM lock includes a locking pin and a locking execution part of the electronic lock of the charging pile (the tie rod and the first connecting shaft).

The lock transmission module can drive the lock pin to reciprocate linearly through the bar

ZHAOWEIcharging pile electromagnetic lock solution adds a bar chute to the manual unlocking module, so as to realize the relative independence of the electromagnetic lock module and the manual unlocking module. During the unlocking process, the electromagnetic lock module does not drive the manual unlocking module to move together, which reduces the resistance of the electromagnetic lock module and improves the smoothness and reliability of the electronic lock module. All in all, it reduces the failure rate and realizes charging.


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