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In order to increase operating efficiency of turbine generators in power plants, it is necessary to cool them.

Hydrogen gas is used to cool the generators in spite of the strict safety requirements arising from that. Compared to air, hydrogen gas exhibits much more efficient cooling conditions, lower friction losses at the rotating parts and higher dielectric breakdown strength. With these features, hydrogen gas provides best conditions for optimal operating efficiency of turbine generators.

Hydrogen gas is potentially explosive in mixtures with air over a wide concentration range (4 to 77%). Formation of such mixtures must be prevented for safety reasons during normal operation as well as during maintenance work. International Standards (EN and IEC) specify the installation of a redundant safety control system with two independent measuring systems.

Furthermore, hydrogen gas contamination with air reduces the operating efficiency considerably due to increased friction losses. Thus, also economic reasons exist for continuous monitoring of the cooling gas.

The CALOMAT 6 Analyzer System provides complete solution to control hydrogen-cooled turbine generators with a simple and reliable handling and is furthermore a cost effective investment.

The system complies with all relevant international directives by using two entirely independent (from gas sampling at the generator to gas outlet at the analyzer) gas analyzer lines in one rack.

The gas analyzer CALOMAT 6 used in the system is designed for continuous determination of primarily H2 and He in binary or quasi-binary gas mixtures. The measuring principle is based on the different thermal conductivity of gases.

NEW: gas analyzer by Siemens Process Analytics

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