Application example #1: Multichannel recorder/controller featuring the thermal panel printer

Łukasz Smolnicki
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The article shows how to extend MultiCon recorder functionality by equipping it with MultiPrint panel printer

Multitasking of the MultiCon recorder can be extended by equipping it with various accessories. One of them is the MultiPrint printer ensuring the simplest possible access to key data in the form of a printout. An example application making use of the printer is parameters registration in pressure tests. The device collects data from eight test stations.

The model used in the application is: CMC-141-PS42/E/I16/E/E-0B1 working in line with the MLP-149-001 printer

Signal inputs

The I16 module consists of 16 current inputs. Eight of them are used to receive the signal from pressure transducers that measure the pressure in tanks being tested.


The application does not require a permanent connection to the network because what is important is the data of the entire sample. Data gets downloaded via the USB port.


Data from pressure transducers is recorded and compared to the standard. Printouts are triggered in two situations:

- information on the current pressure value is printed when the pressure in a tank differs significantly from the reference value,

- the maximum pressure value during the test is printed at the end of the pressure test.

Special features

The USB port is located at the front of the device to enable convenient handling.

Each printout consists of:

- header and footer in the form of a file implemented into the device by the user,

- current date and time,

- three pieces of data of a selected channel: name, current value and unit.

Printouts are generated on demand and get triggered by a specific value in the indicated logic channel.

Application example #1: Multichannel recorder/controller featuring the thermal panel printer

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