MutiCon new data logging feature - Auto Log Creation!

Łukasz Smolnicki
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Data logging via multichannel recorder-controller can be now even more... controllable.

Each MultiCon device with an active data logging key can record the parameters of the supervised process. The user divides them into groups, each of which enables / disables data logging at a significant moment, and individually selects a sampling period. There is also an alternative data logging function, thanks to which data logging parameters for a given group can be easily changed (it is enough to meet a specific condition).

Another function that our team have prepared for the users of the MultiCon recorders is "Auto Log Creation". It offers you the possibility to create a new file with data logging details at any time. It is a solution for everyone interested, for instance, in creating daily reports or dividing documentation into parts corresponding to subsequent stages of the process.

The "Auto Log Creation" option includes the latest firmware, v5.05.1 to be downloaded from

MutiCon new data logging feature - Auto Log Creation!

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