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MultiCon new feature - Bundled Configuration!

We are happy to inform you that the MultiCon controller has received a new functionality - Bundled Configuration.

This is a very useful function that allows you to save the entire MultiCon configuration in portable memory (pendrive). While saving data, the device will detect all configuration-related files, e.g. background files for the SCADALite view, or header and footer for MultiPrint printouts and will automatically add them to the bundled configuration package. In addition, it allows you to select other files saved in the device memory, e.g. Modbus templates or user characteristics, and then to export them to the same folder.

After moving the compressed folder to the computer memory, you can now freely modify the contents of the package, i.e. add / remove selected additional files, and then import the lot again to the recorder.

Transferring configuration from one device to another has become extremely easy!

The "Bundled Configuration" option includes the latest firmware, v5.06.2 to be downloaded from


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