MultiLevel Access and SCADALite now available with no extra charges!

Łukasz Smolnicki
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Taking care of our clients' convenience and satisfaction, we are introducing further improvements in the devices of the MultiCon series.

Licenses for the SCADALite and MultiLevel Access functionalities in newly produced units are now automatically active!

- SCADALite - enables an individual, graphical display of the process, and its control is run from the screen level of the device,

- MultiLevel Access - enables division of users into groups with different authorization levels and provides access to settings from a given scope of competence by connecting a dongle key, which ensures convenient and efficient process handling.

SCADALite is an innovative feature that allows you to manage the process directly from the MultiCon display. Essential information can be presented in a graphical form enriched with animations, dynamic graphs and most significant numerical parameters, as well as sounds in case of alarm. SCADALite allows you to create as many as 15 individual screens, presenting a various range of required information.

The “MultiLevel Access" mode makes the MultiCon CMC even more universal. You can define up to 16 independent users including the administrator who is the only user with a permission to freely configure the device without any limitations. The administrator’s role also consists in defining permissions for other users. Only one user can be logged on at a given moment. The user is logged off after the lapse of time from the moment of the last interaction of the user with the device as specified by the administrator or upon express request of the user after clicking the padlock icon on the information bar. The authorisation process is additionally facilitated by the possibility of using USB keys. The hardware key allows the user to log on without the necessity of entering a password while removal of the key is equal to logging off. The key is assigned individually to each user. Such a facilitation will be available only for those users whose devices have Access Dongle licence activated. Otherwise the login and logoff process must be carried out manually. The permission file may be saved using external memory and thus it is portable, which highly decreases the configuration time of subsequent units. The hardware key options are available with a MultiCon CMC device having Access Dongle licence activated only.

Hope you enjoy SCADALite and MultiLevel Access features!

MultiLevel Access and SCADALite now available with no extra charges!

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