AUMA’s Adaptable Advantages Promoted at Power-Gen

SIPOS Aktorik
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Pavilion: PGI / Booth Number: 1850

AUMA’s services providing electric actuator products and comprehensive support for the power sector will be promoted at Power-Gen International in Las Vegas, NV December 8th-10th, 2015. As part of the display, organized by AUMA Actuators Inc., SIPOS Aktorik - a member of the AUMA Group - will present its power industry expertise and showcase the new SEVEN actuator.

With modularity, adaptability and flexibility at the heart of the AUMA Group’s product offering, backed by exceptional local response and high service levels, AUMA’s booth is set to receive large numbers of visitors from the power, valve and actuator community.

Key advantages provided by AUMA include the ability to mount controls remotely, which facilitates easy accessibility. AUMA also offers wide-ranging gearbox capabilities – up to 88,500 ft. – lbs. (120,000 Newton meters) for multi-turn solutions and up to 498,000 ft. – lbs. (675,000 Newton meters) for part turn applications.

The focal point of SIPOS Aktorik’s display at the AUMA booth is the company’s latest actuator, the SEVEN. Visitors are encouraged to see first-hand the major advancements in actuation that have been achieved including a full color screen and innovative drive controller for intuitive operation. The stand design will reflect the fact that the SIPOS 5 actuator continues to be supplied and supported.

AUMA - leading manufacturer & global supplier of modular electric actuators.

AUMA’s Adaptable Advantages Promoted at Power-Gen

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