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VSP 416-L

The VSP 416 L vibration welder is designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies (3D CAD, CNC).

This technology is used to weld complex shape thermoplastic material pieces, or materials that cannot be welded using other conventional welding technologies (ultrasound - hot blade welding).

The vibration is linear. A particular mechanism patented by Sirius achieves a linear movement through the rotation of a shaft driven by a brushless motor. The mechanical and electrical solutions available create optimal operating conditions with ample adjustment possibilities, making the welder ideal for most welding applications.

VSP 416-L
VSP 416-L

One of the most important features of this welder is the cycle control system managed entirely by a MICROPROCESSOR. It is possible to weld using the time function, and with the height function. In this case, the welding height is managed by optical ruler with centesimal resolution. Different thrust pressures can be set for each cycle phase, head descent, welding and compression. The microprocessor can store 20 welding programs.

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