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Enhanced ratings for KA connectors

Our popular KA Series PCB connectors are capable of performing to significantly higher levels than the conservative ratings to date might suggest.

Now, following rigorous testing at Smiths Interconnect’s Center of Excellence laboratory in Kansas City, KS, we are able to confirm our products’ superior capabilities and proven suitability for a wide range of applications in harsh environments where failure is not an option – such as in the military, aerospace and commercial aviation markets.

The KA Series contacts have a rating of 4 Amps each. While more than adequate for most applications, the new current carrying capability tests prove how conservative that rating was for individual or groups of contacts, confirming that, for example:

1 KA contact can handle 9 Amps

2 adjacent contacts can take 6.5 Amps each

Even a set of 4 adjacent contacts can each comfortably carry 5.4 Amps

Enhanced ratings for KA connectors


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