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Mission Critical: Maintain your RF cables and connectors

Guidelines for maintaining cables and connectors.

Like most nice things, proper upkeep and handling is standard practice, Radio Frequency (RF) cables and connectors are no exception. The RF signal which is transmitted between an (or between transmitter and antenna) can be compromised if the cables or connectors are not upheld. One of the easiest ways to receive the best performance for transmitting signals is to regularly maintain RF components.

Annual upkeep of RF cables and connectors will extend the lifespan, increase efficiency, minimize RF insertion loss, and limit gaps in transmission signals. Prolong RF cables and connectors life and produce more accurate and repeatable measurements by following these guidelines.

Connector Interfaces:

Interface Cleanliness - Clean interfaces prolong connector life and produce more accurate, repeatable measurements. Use connector endcaps to protect the cables and adapters when not in use (no passive voice).


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