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Phase stable cable assemblies: reliability where it’s needed most

Smiths Interconnect
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From military aircraft to radar applications to satellite communication links, we rely on cable assemblies to transmit signals between multiple devices, internally in a single device, or as part of testing processes.

The defence industry involves working in adverse environments, so it demands ruggedness and reliability from its equipment. Cable assemblies must be able to withstand these environmental aspects without affecting electrical performance. Applications in the defence industry will often take place outdoors or in an uncontrolled environment, meaning that some cable assemblies will require an armoured option, while others will need to be designed to withstand significant temperature changes without compromising performance.

When it comes to cable assemblies, Smiths Interconnect specializes in MIL-STD-348 RF connectors. These devices are typically used in defence, space, and testing applications for transmission of RF signals used for communication and information transmission. The Lab-Flex cable assembly product portfolio comprises a range of robust high-performance solutions for a number of applications and industries. To meet the high demands of the defence industry, Smiths Interconnect developed the Lab-Flex T series, specifically designed to be low-loss, high-frequency cables that maintain phase stability over a wide array of operating temperatures.

Phase stable cable assemblies: reliability where it’s needed most

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