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Smiths Interconnect awarded c.£2m in funding from the UK Space Agency

Grant will enhance Smiths Interconnect’s space testing capabilities, and help strengthen the UK’s foothold in the international space sector

Smiths Interconnect today announces it has received £1,907,065 in funding from the UK Space Agency through its ‘Space Clusters Infrastructure Fund’ (SCIF). The funding will be used by Smiths Interconnect to enhance its Space Qualification Laboratory, a cutting-edge facility in Dundee that simulates the extreme conditions of space – one of the harshest environments known to humankind – to assure the quality and durability of space components. From simulating the extreme vibration and shock environment of launch to surviving the extreme temperature swings experienced during space flight, the lab has a full range of capabilities in which it will be investing substantially through the SCIF grant.


  • Dundee, UK
  • Smiths Interconnect