Express supply of ultrasonic machines, systems and components for processes and applications in the textile industry

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As an ultrasound specialist, SONOTRONIC provides solutions for intermittent welding, cutting, punching and embossing of thermoplastic textiles and nonwoven. Injection mouldings can also be joined to textiles using ultrasound.

High-strength, visually appealing welds and cleanly sealed cut edges that do not fray are significant advantages of ultrasound compared with other methods, such as sewing with thread or joining and separating with heat. Ultrasound offers the additional advantages that the elasticity of the material can be maintainedby partial spot welding and injection mouldings can also be welded to thermoplastic textiles. Cut&Seal applications, where material is trimmed or cut out in one process and simultaneously welded at the edges, have become established.

Our ultrasonic systems for welding, cutting, punching and embossing are already used in various industries, for example:

■ Welding corsetry, surgical gowns, sports equipment or Velcro fastenings

■ Cutting to length, trimming and punching of textiles,

■ Embossing (company) logos in corsetry or working clothes.

Every day in our laboratory we test new potential applications and respond to customer-specific requirements.

SONOTRONIC offers the complete range of ultrasonic components for processing textile. We develop and manufacture the generators, converters, boosters, sonotrodes, anvils and holding tools in our own workshops, based on our many years of experience.

Following equipment is necessary for integration in machines:

■ SONOTRONIC Generator 20/30/35 kHz

■ SONOTRONIC Converters in 20/30/35 kHz

■ SONOTRONIC Boosters in 20/30/35 kHz

■ SONOTRONIC Sonotrodes in 20/30/35 kHz

■ SONOTRONIC Roll Seam Sonotrodes in 35 kHz

Please contact our sales department for more information:

ur ultrasonic machines, systems and components are used in the textile industry for making up.
ur ultrasonic machines, systems and components are used in the textile industry for making up.

Ultrasonic systems for welding, cutting, punching and embossing e.g. for welding tapes and injection mouldings for sports equipment, for welding Velcro tapes to surgical dressings or for cutting tapes. Ultrasonic roll seam welding units for continuous ultrasonic welding or Cut&Seal. Special machines for textile processing e.g. for punching holes in and cutting out airbags; for welding glasses cords and processing hygiene articles

SONOTRONIC Generator 20/30/35 kHz

The generators transform energy from the electrical supply network into a high-frequency sinusoidal oscillation of 35 kHz or 20 kHz. Optimum regulating processes generate optimum ultrasonic oscillations.

SONOTRONIC Boosters in 20/30/35 kHz

The booster is part of the ultrasonic welding stack (consisting of a converter, booster and sonotrode). It transforms the incoming oscillation amplitude from the converter, boosts it and relays it on to the sonotrode. The booster retains the whole welding stack in the feed unit using a sound-neutral retaining ring.

SONOTRONIC Converters in 20/30/35 kHz

The ultrasonic converters are fitted with 4 or 6 ceramic discs, depending on the application. The latter are predominantly used in the packaging industry and for continuous use. The oscillations are best transferred to the ultrasonic workpiece through the ceramic discs, thereby reducing process times and ensuring high process reliability. The top quality housings are very strong and long-lasting and have various HF interfaces.

SONOTRONIC Sonotrodes in 20/30/35 kHz

The sonotrodes conduct the ultrasonic oscillation into the workpiece. We individually tailor-make the sonotrodes for the respective application and to meet customer requirements and use the Finite Element Method (FEM) for their development. The design of the sonotrodes depends on the ultrasonics application (welding, cut&seal, riveting, embossing and cutting) and the properties of the workpiece being machined.

SONOTRONIC Roll Seam Sonotrodes in 35 kHz

The ultrasonic roll seam welding units of SONOTRONIC are suitable for continuous welding and for simultaneously cutting and sealing (Cutt&Seal) of synthetic textiles and non-woven fabrics. Ultrasonic roll-seam welding systems take the place of conventional sewing machines. Because of the various weld geometries, both continuous welds of different contours and spot welds can be produced. The latter are ideal for maintaining material elasticity, for example, when welding corsetry.

Breathing mask

Several ultrasonic processes for the series production of breathing masks: welding a plastic valve, cutting and sealing the circumferential contour, connecting the head strap. All welds are tight.

Series production of mouth and nose masks using ultrasound

The ultrasonic components are manufactured one hundred percent at SONOTRONIC's company site in Karlsbad, Germany, according to high quality standards, thus ensuring high availability and short delivery times. The use of ultrasound for the classic production of face masks as well as for the manufacture of FFP masks and hygiene and protective equipment is an environmentally friendly solution in addition to the economic aspect. This is because production is energy efficient and does not require the use of other materials such as adhesives.

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