NEW: PSC Pumps for EDM applications

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The electrical discharge machining (EDM) as wire cutting, spark erosion, is one of the abrasive cutting process and is mainly used for complex geometric shapes, inside corners or complex undercuts.

The type of pump used in an electrical discharge machining (EDM) application is crucial to the overall performance of the machine. On the basis of this knowledge and in close cooperation with developers and users of these machines, Spandau Pumps has incorporated a nearly perfect solution for the area of EDM in the product portfolio, the multistage centrifugal pump PSC.

Since the PSC has a water-cooled engine, it can be fully integrated into the EDM including all associated coolant tanks. This is a significant advantage because so no additional space for an external coolant treatment system is required.

Due to the cooling of the pump motor the internal engine temperature can be kept almost constant, one aspect of which require highest precision for EDM applications is essential. These properties make the PSC an indispensable element to ensure the precision and quality of modern electrical discharge machines.

NEW: PSC Pumps for EDM applications

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