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Success story - Radium Foam

Radium Foam confirms the excellent experience with the Stalam dryers...

Radium Foam looks back with pride on a 50+ years history of producing the Vita Talalay latex. Since 1961, the company has been applying a refined Talalay latex production method that makes its products so unique.

Radium Foam’s experience with drying equipment was limited to hot air dryers. Recently, the choice for a faster and cost-efficient drying method had become compelling.

“We do not compromise on our quality – says Frank Verkoelen (Technical & Project Manager) – and we have selected our new drying equipment after various tests with different machinery manufacturers which have proven that Stalam's technology is the one matching at best our high-quality standards”.

Foam products are quite difficult to dry as they are good thermal insulators. Yet, with the Stalam technology the drying process is extremely fast and ensures an efficient evaporation with no surface overheating or yellowing effects.

“Our overall experience with Stalam is much satisfactory – continues Mr. Verkolelen – for both their technical expertise and after-sales support. We will definitely consider Stalam as a preferred partner for our future projects”.

Success story - Radium Foam


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