Swivel Joints

STENFLEX Rudolf Stender GmbH
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In hydraulic feed lines, in rolling mills, for hose drums in machine construction, in sewage treatment works or in open-air discharge/filling operations, swivel joints from STENFLEX offers all the safety, reliability, mobility and flexibility required.

Swivel joints as swivelling or slewing connections in piping systems faciliate the supply of liquid or gaseous media at high temperature and pressures from a fixed station to any moving point.

The mobile piping systems thus created can replace hoses and, for example, be installed to enhance the durability and availability of hydraulic systems.

The standardised manufacturing program for swivel joints, ranging from size 20 to size 300 with nominal pressures from 40 to 250 bar and encompasses various designs for a wide spectrum of different applications from high temperatures up to +260°C to cryogenic applications down to -150°C.

These swivel joints are manufactured from steel 1.7225 or 1.4541. The fluid seal is manufactured from a PTFE compound.

Swivel Joints

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