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3D Printing for the Automotive industry

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Jigs & Fixtures on the Factory Floor

Create jigs and fixtures faster, while lowering the cost of production. Lighter alignment tools, rigid holding devices, conforming grips – 3D print all the customized tools you need, on demand. And more cost-effectively than machined tools. The result? Tooling done more efficiently, with shorter lead times and improved productivity.

Reduce costs. Increase profitability:

Compared to CNC machining, 3D printing jigs and fixtures takes 25% of the time to produce, wastes less material and costs don’t increase with complexity. And you can run near labor-free production. All of which unleashes your creativity to design and test, with rapid iterations. It all adds up to increased production and gets you to market faster.

Boost productivity. Improve quality:

Reduce your development cycle from months to weeks. With the flexibility of 3D printed jigs and fixtures, you can print your own custom-made manufacturing aids – think lightweight alignment tools and rigid holding devices made with industrial-grade materials. Work faster, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Customization for improved ergonomics:

Create strong, lightweight jigs and fixtures. Each engineered for better ergonomics and improved safety, and each customized for the job and the operator. A perfect fit for your production environment.

Transforming the factory floor:

3D printing has reduced the cost of making jigs and fixtures. Printed prototypes and GrabCAD Print integration have fast-tracked the design cycle. Developments in durable materials means you can print fixtures that meet rigorous manufacturing requirements. 3D printing has redefined what’s possible.

3D print Automotive Jigs
3D print Automotive Jigs

Solaxis 3D print Automotive Jigs reducing weight manufacturing time

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