NEW: LED spotlight / 4 W by Sunnex Equipment

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Sunnex Lumius is an effective 4 W Power LED light suitable for a wide range of applications. Sunnex Lumius has the same brightness as a 30W halogen light, but its LED light source has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Low energy consumption makes Sunnex Lumius both economical and environmentally friendly.

Sunnex Lumius has Sunnex's classic flexible arm for easy, safe positioning. As standard, Sunnex Lumius is available in a 12-24V DC low voltage version, or in a 240V/12V version with an AC/DC adapter. Sunnex LM is equipped with a 500 mm or 700 mm flexible arm, and can be supplied with an articulated light head. Also available in a spotlight version. Protection class: IP20 or IP65.

In addition to the standard models, customised versions can be built to order.


Workshop Machinery

Machine tools

Point Lighting

Precision Works

Assembly Work


Office Lighting


Very low power consumption

Lifetime, LED = >75,000 hours

Extremely vibration-proof

Flexible arm for precise control

Lamp head in aluminum

Choose from four fasteners

Environmentally friendly

NEW: LED spotlight / 4 W by Sunnex Equipment

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