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Flexible all-rounder for precise data management

T&D Corporation introduces the innovative TR7 series of Bluetooth data loggers at the leading European trade shows 59° AFI Symposium in Italy, and Sensor+Test in Germany

Today, modern measurement technology delivers increasingly precise data monitoring that can be read and analysed automatically. T&D Corporation, Japanese market leader for data loggers, has launched TR-7wb, a series that significantly enhances the networking between data loggers and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, through a Bluetooth function.

The devices of the TR7wb/nw series handle a wide range of measuring tasks, and are ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity. The wb models support wireless LAN, while the nw models are designed for a wired LAN connection. Both have two-channel sensors for temperature, or temperature and humidity, and two-channel thermocouples. The TR7 series is designed for industrial and public applications due to its high measurement accuracy, range and flexibility. All models are perfectly suited for monitoring climatic conditions, for example in public buildings and storage facilities housing sensitive products, and also for safeguarding laboratories, server rooms and cooling equipment. In addition, the TR7 series is the ideal partner for data management measurement in hospitals or subways, as well as in facilities management. These all-rounders can also help to optimise cooling, heating and humidity balance.

A wide selection of optional sensors are available, enabling the two-channel TR-71wb/nw to handle a wide range of temperature measurements from -60 to 155°C. Moreover, the two-channel TR-72wb/nw measures temperatures and humidity from 0 to 55°C, and 10 to 95% RH. The TR72wb-S/nw-S provides higher accuracy to ±2.5% RH and ±0.3°C, thanks to the model sensors covering a range from -25 to 70°C/0 to 99% RH. In contrast, the TR-75wb/nw as a two-channel thermocouple sensor type (K, J, T, E, S, R) provides measurements ranging from -199 to 1760°C.

The recorded data is uploaded to T&D's WebStorage Service – a free cloud that allows unlimited access by computer, or via ThermoApp on smartphone and tablet. This service enables users to access versatile monitoring systems, anywhere and any time, by computer and mobile devices via apps. What’s more, users don’t have to worry about a big acquisition, set-up or maintenance issues. The measured values are stored on a central server. Thanks to a dashboard design, all devices registered in the cloud are managed via watchlists. T&D Data View is available for visualizing the current measured values in lists or graphs. However, companies preferring to use their own network can be provided with free of charge software for the TR7 series, the T&D Data Server.

Event Information:

Take the opportunity to meet the experts from T&D Corporation and find out how these flexible data logger solutions can support your individual needs. The next exhibitions are 59° AFI Symposium, booth 7, 5-7 June, Rimini, Italy and Sensor+Test 2019, booth 1-140, 24-26 June, Nurnberg, Germany.

Flexible all-rounder for precise data management


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