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Temperature Bluetooth data logger with PDF report output

Create, print and share data reports in simple steps.

Easy monitoring with T&D TR 4 Report App

T&D Corporation offers clients an innovative and free of charge new app for easy handling of TR4 loggers equipped with low-energy Bluetooth. The TR4 Report app allows permanent and reliable temperature monitoring with the TR4 series data loggers, which are perfect for transport, storage or facility management.

The app quickly creates and summarises reports and graphs of the temperatures measured, and all in less than a minute on site. The app can be used on a smartphone or tablet, and ensures error-free workflow and faultless documentation.

As it has been developed for use on mobile devices, reports can be sent via email or messenger apps – a quick and safe solution during the pandemic – with no need for a computer or USB connection. It is available in the app as PDF files for saving, sending via email or printing. Perfect for transport and storage, from cold chain to vaccines.

An ideal application for the TR4 series and the TR4 Report app is, for example, the in-transit control of sensitive goods such as fresh and frozen food, or medical products. They are also ideal for the control of heating in buildings, temperature monitoring in agricultural businesses and the protection of laboratories, refrigerators and storage facilities.

In conjunction with the TR4 Report app, the Thermo REC app gives the user a graph of current temperature in real-time. The application is also capable of monitoring and consolidating data for up to four loggers simultaneously. With Free ThermoStorage, all recorded data can be seamlessly uploaded to the free of charge Cloud T&D web storage service with just one click.

Temperature Bluetooth data logger with PDF report output


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