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TR4A range supersedes earlier series with more efficient and accessible data monitoring

Wireless data loggers enable faster, more effective real-time monitoring via mobile devices.

T&D Corporation, the Japanese market leader for wireless data loggers, presents the Bluetooth thermo recorder TR4A series, the successor to the TR4 series. Especially the model TR43A impresses with its external temperature and humidity sensor and offers completely new functionality in the TR4 series. Operating with Low Energy Bluetooth 4.2 and without pre-registration, loggers are immediately detected and automatically refreshed within the communication range of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Recordings can be monitored using the two apps T&D Thermo and TR4 Report, available for both iOS and Android, or stored in the free cloud-based T&D WebStorage service.

The new TR4A series includes four affordable models, one of which is waterproof, and two splashproof. Each model offers different sensor types and measurement ranges for different application requirements:

The TR41A internal sensor covers temperature measurements from -40 to 80°C (immersion-proof); the TR42A measures from -60 to 155°C (splash-proof). The brand new TR43A measures from 0 to 55°C, humidity from 10 to 95%RH, and is also splash-proof. The TR45, meanwhile, is available for industrial use for thermocouple types K, J, T, S and R, with a range of -199 to 1,760°C or for types Pt 100/Pt 1000 with a range of between -199 and 600°C. Each logger can be set to 15 different recording intervals, from one second up to 60 minutes, and has a recording capacity of up to 16,000 readings. The battery life is approximately 18 months.

There are two apps compatible with the TR4A series for data collection and processing. The free mobile app TR4 Report quickly creates and summarises reports, and graphs, of the temperatures measured – in less than a minute on site. These can then be named and supported with other important information, and are available in the app as PDF files for saving, sending via email or printing. In addition, the free Thermo app works perfectly together with the new TR4 report app, and shows the current temperature graph in real-time. With T&D’s free Thermo app, all recorded data can be seamlessly uploaded to the cloud.

High precision, wide measuring ranges and ultimate flexibility make the TR4A data loggers ideal for use in private, industrial or public areas. And their palm-sized compact design with robust body allows for numerous possibilities in terms of installation locations. They can be used, for example, for heating control in residential buildings or farms, as well as for monitoring refrigerators, sales cabinets and storage rooms. In addition, they are ideal for monitoring the transport of sensitive goods such as fresh or frozen food, or products for medical use.


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