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More affordable cloud monitoring

Price cuts on stand-alone data logger solutions make it even easier to monitor temperature and humidity

T&D Corporation is running a price promotion on its bestselling TR-7 data logger series. Now available for the recommended entry-level retail price of € 174 (ex-VAT), the devices automatically save current temperature and humidity readings to the free of charge T&D WebStorage Service. Mobile access to the data is possible at any time from anywhere via the internet or the ThermoWeb app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

The TR-7 series consists of three wireless LAN models (TR-7wf) and three wired LAN models (TR-7nw), which connect via an RJ45 interface to store measured data in T&D’s cloud. Each of the small and easy to fix data loggers serves different measurement ranges. All devices can also connect via USB for setup and data download onto a computer when an internet connection is not available. If a disturbance should occur when the data loggers are in use, warning notifications can be sent via e-mail or the ThermoWeb app. If no WiFi access point is available for the TR7wf model, direct communication with ThermoWeb app enabled mobile devices is possible.

Their high precision and wide range measurement facilities combined with their flexibility makes the TR-7 data loggers ideal for use in private, industrial or public areas. They can be utilized, for example, in agricultural sites, hospitals, laboratories, museums, warehouses or subway trains for temperature and humidity management and also for humidity and heating control in housing.


  • TandD Corporation