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Optimise your data handling with T&D

Sensor+Test 2019, hall 1, booth 140: T&D Corporation presents data logger solutions for various tasks

At this year’s Sensor+Test, T&D Corporation will be highlighting the latest WiFi loggers in its TR-7wb series, which enhance connectivity between data loggers and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, via Bluetooth. Additionally, the showcased portfolio comprises three further flagships: As a building block, the RTR-500 series includes wireless loggers, devices for communication and data collection, and services and software for tailor-made solutions. Consisting of standalone devices, the TR4 series operates with low energy Bluetooth. For industrial use, the 4-channel data logger of the MCR-4 series is able to measure and store up to 16 channels simultaneously. Data monitoring with T&D’s networked devices not only helps to safeguard goods, processes and facilities, but also ensures accurate documentation of compliance with legal regulations.

The new TR-7wb models are ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring, and for people who require a broad range of measurement tasks. The simple handling of the devices allows uncomplicated and cost-effective protection of various processes. Their high precision and wide spectrum of measurement capabilities, combined with flexibility, make the TR7 series perfect for both industrial and public use.

The RTR-500 is designed for users who need high performance wireless logging, as well as optimal flexibility. The series includes 13 types of loggers that can monitor several different parameters, including temperature, humidity, voltage, mA (4-20mA), pulse, UV, illuminance and CO2. Various base stations are available in wireless GSM, Ethernet (WLAN and Cable LAN), USB and handheld data collector models.

Also on show will be the TR4 series which provides different sensor types and measurement ranges for diverse application requirements. Without the need for pre-registration, loggers within the communication range are instantly detected and automatically refreshed by mobile devices.

The MCR-4 series is ideal for temperature and voltage measurements. Besides monitoring industrial plants or production areas, the devices can also be used to log environmental technology measurements by recording signals from pyrometers, anemometers and CO2 sensors.

Visitors to the T&D booth will also be able to find out more about the company’s free of charge WebStorage Service, and its application tools operating with TR-7wb/nw, RTR-500 and TR4 series. This service enables users to access versatile monitoring systems, anywhere and any time, by computer and mobile devices via apps.


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  • Minoru Ito