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Preventing Shearing Problems with Smoothflow Pumps

Costmetics Manufacture, Company I

Production Engineering Department

Company I was producing and selling inexpensive cosmetics for young people. However, price competition was becoming fierce and sales were declining. Therefore, the company decided to change their direction greatly and started developing cosmetics for high-end consumers.


・Shearing was occurring with the delicate liquid.

Company I decided to make a major strategic change and develop cosmetics for high-end users instead of low-price products for young consumers. Mr. O from the Production Engineering Department was eager to transfer delicate liquids that had never been handled before in the development of cosmetic products. Also, since it is an expensive, natural material liquid, they couldn’t afford to waste even a little bit of the liquid material considering the cost.

However, the rotary pump that Company I had been using had a fundamental problem. The problem was that rotary pumps apply a considerable amount of force to the liquid and it would inevitably shear during the liquid transfer process. For this reason, the entire process had to be reviewed.

・Mixing of foreign materials inside of the pump caused by wear, pump failures, and so on one problem after another.

Mr. O explained, “In addition, since this liquid is a highly viscous slurry liquid, it would cause wear inside of the pump, which lead to two problems. At first, the wear inside of the pump would cause foreign matter, almost like a powder to rub off and contaminate the natural material liquid. Second, the pump eventually wore down so much that it would fail or break down and have to be repaired. Especially with regards to fine powder being formed by internal wear that was contaminating our liquid, even though it was just a few micron in size usually, there is a risk that it may affect the human body. This could lead to an increase in claims and become a serious problem for our company’s management.”

Mr. O continued, “In order to eliminate the foreign powder being generated by abrasion inside of the pump, I thought there was no choice but to introduce an absorption removing apparatus (filter).” Problems were occurring one after another when he tried to add a removal process for the unexpected foreign matter, so Mr. O was at a loss.

Problem Points:

・Since it is a delicate liquid, the transfer liquid was being sheared when it is transferred, resulting in deterioration and changing of the liquid’s characteristics.

・The high viscosity slurry liquid was causing wearing inside of the pump, which lead to powder contamination and pump failure.


・Able to perform an actual transfer liquid evaluation test at Tacmina before purchasing.

Mr. O found Tacmina’s homepage on-line as he was trying to collect information about possible improvements. “I saw that in Tacmina’s product line-up, they were offering diaphragm-type pumps without pulsation that do not have rotating or sliding parts in the wetted-end section, and have high accuracy without causing shear to the transfer liquid. The Smoothflow Pumps looked very promising, but I could not be sure that these pumps would be able to handle our company’s delicate, high viscosity liquid,” Mr. O recalled.

However, as Mr. O was browsing Tacmina’s homepage, he found that Tacmina was advertising a service to perform an evaluation test with the customer’s actual transfer liquid using a Smoothflow Pump so that customers could personally verify the performance of the pump before having to purchase it. “According to this, an engineer from Tacmina would perform an evaluation test using either a sample of the actual transfer liquid provided by the customer or a similar liquid reproduced by Tacmina based on the actual liquid’s characteristics. Once the test was carried out, Tacmina would then propose a suitable pump for this liquid transfer based on the data collected. I immediately decided to ask the salesperson in charge for details and requested an actual liquid test,” Mr. O continued.

・Using the actual liquid test results, proposing a customized configuration of the pump equipment.

“Shortly after the actual liquid test was completed, I received a complete, detailed report of the results. Not only that, at the same time, they immediately presented a proposal of a pump that would be suitable for our liquid transfer. Taking into account the unevenness of the mixing during the actual liquid test, this proposal was for a Smoothflow Pump in combination with a static mixer assembly.”

“Thanks to this pulseless Smoothflow Pump, the problems of liquid shearing were eliminated, there was no friction or wear occurring inside of the pump do to the slurry suspension, and no foreign matter (powder) was being generated that could mix with the transfer liquid and contaminate it. Therefore, an additional process of removing the foreign powder created by wear was no longer necessary, and at that moment all of our problems were solved. Since Tacmina was able to provide more than sufficient empirical data to prove the performance of the Smoothflow Pump along with pump proposal, our company quickly decided to purchase and implement the Smoothflow Pump into our system. Since then, there have been significant increases in our production efficiency and overall production yields.” Mr. O explained.

Mr. O continued, “Thanks to Tacmina’s expertise and know-how, we were able to resolve all of our problems with the production process and start selling the high-end products as initially schedule, so upper management was particularly happy. I will definitely be working with Tacmina again in the future as they are truly a complete fluid transfer specialist,” Mr. O concluded contently.

Solution Points:

・Tacmina’s Smoothflow Pumps do not cause shear when transferring delicate liquids, so the liquid’s characteristics do not change.

・Since there are no sliding parts, there is no wear or abrasion caused inside of the pump, so foreign matter such as powder which can lead to contamination or pump failure problems is no generated.

PLSF Sanitary Smoothflow Pump
PLSF Sanitary Smoothflow Pump


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