User Success Stories Solving Problems with Q Series Smoothflow Pumps

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Adjusting the flow rate by visual inspection is problematic in regards to accuracy. What improvements can be made to reduce human errors and improve development speed?

Chemical manufacturer Company A was taking a long time on research and development.


The flow rate is adjusted visually, and since it depends on people, it is inaccurate and cannot be reproduced easily.

Story Details:

“During development, we were using a dropping funnel in the process of gradually adding reagents. At that time it was necessary for the researcher to visually check it frequently and adjust it to a constant flow rate. In addition to taking a lot of time and effort, this method led to a lot of human errors and lacked accuracy.

Mr. D from our R&D department, who was ordered to speed up development in order to cope with multi-product small-volume production, now thinks that the inaccuracy of using a dropping funnel should be improved. In order to find a concrete solution, Mr. D gathered some information.”

Main Points of Issue:

 ・Results cannot be reproduced because the flow rate during development was not strictly controlled.

 ・Visual confirmation is cumbersome and there is always a possibility of human error.

 ・We want to increase development speed in order to cope with multi-product small-volume


Solution Points:

 ・By introducing a pump with excellent quantitative capabilities, it is possible to accurately deliver

   liquids all the way down to 0.01 mL/min.

 ・Thanks to the timer function of the pump, saving on labor were realized.

 ・Frequent manual adjustment of the flow rate became unnecessary, human errors were drastically

   reduced, and the development speed was improved.

●A pump that can be controlled in increments of 0.01 mL/min with a timer control function.

Mr. D who as investigating methods to improve the problems he was facing heard stories of Tacmina’s Smoothflow Pumps from a friend who belonged to another laboratory in the same university. His friend told him that even when pressure is applied to the pump, it is possible to deliver small volumes of liquid at a constant rate, the pump can be controlled in units of 0.01 mL/min, and it can be verified using the timer function which repeatedly stops and starts operation of the pump for 24 hours (a long time). Mr. D was interested in Tacmina pumps, and when he inquired about one, a Tacmina sales representative quickly selected a pump which was the most suitable for the situation of Company A, and they were able to perform tests on a rental demo pump.

●Human errors were drastically reduced thanks to automation, savings on labor were achieved, and the development time was shortened.

“When we performed trials on the Q Series Smoothflow Pump, we were not only able to improve accuracy during flow rate adjustment, but we also found that it is very convenient to use thanks to its excellent cleaning and maintainability characteristics. It was evaluated very well in the laboratory, so we decided to adopt this Q Series pump. After introduction, it was possible to automate processes that we had previously done manually. Also, we not only drastically reduced the number of human errors, but we also managed to save considerably on labor costs and we were able to achieve an even faster development speed.”

“Even during the transition from development to production, it can be scaled up very easily using the Smoothflow technology of Tacmina’s complete lineup, so we could smoothly move from investigating the equipment to launching the production line. Thanks to the introduction of this pump, many of our troubles were all solved at once.” -Mr. D from Company A

In this way, Company A was able to set up an environment that allowed for a smooth transition to the manufacturing process after development.

Reducing Human Error and Improving Development Speed
Reducing Human Error and Improving Development Speed

Q Series Pumps for Research and Development

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