Improving Research Capabilities of High Viscosity or Slurry Liquids Using Smoothflow.

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Using Tacmina’s compact XPL Smoothflow Pump to achieve better research results for slurry or high viscosity transfer liquids.

As we have seen an increase in demand for our Q Series Smoothflow Pumps for research and development purposes, we have also seen an increase in the number of inquiries from end-users who are looking for a pump to use in their laboratories or research facilities in order to transfer high viscosity and/or slurry liquids. For these type of customers, we would like to introduce our XPL Series Smoothflow Pumps.

Just like our Q Series pumps, our XPL Series Smoothflow Pumps are capable of transferring minute amounts of liquids with superior metering performance, accuracy and repeatability without pulsation. However, since we are able to customize the valve seats in our XPL series pumps specifically to tailor fit your desired transfer liquid, they are also able to handle high viscosity liquids and liquids containing slurry.

High Viscosity Liquids

By making slight modifications to our XPL Series pump’s check valve systems, we are able to ensure that the check ball properly rests at the bottom the check valve and cuts off flow at this point even in thick, viscous liquids to maintain metering accuracy and repeatability performance. By making these changes, Tacmina’s XPL Smoothflow Pump is able to transfer liquids with viscosities up to 2,000 mPa・s.

Slurry Liquids

Tacmina is also capable of making adjustments to the valve seats to allow both soft slurries and solid particles to easily flow through the pump without negatively affecting the performance of the pump. We have a wide variety of materials and check valve sizes available to custom fit your specific transfer liquid, so please feel free to contact us below to receive more information.


Since this is a pump specifically made for small-scale research and development phase applications, it was designed to be light weight and compact in order to fit into laboratories with limited installation space.

Additional Options

Numerous additional options such Explosion-proof and Sanitary qualifications are also available, so please refer the XPL Series catalog on our homepage for more information.

XPL Series Smoothflow Pump
XPL Series Smoothflow Pump

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