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TBH GmbH donates an extraction system to Makerspace Leipzig // BF 100 filter system

Makerspace Leipzig – the interactive workshop open to anyone who likes tinkering, developing and advancing his/her own projects. The members of this society are between 14 and 69 years old and include both students preparing and working out their own startup as well as former executives from the industrial and research sectors supporting the members of the society and interested parties with their extensive knowledge.

In this manner, the society’s laboratory is used for work on exciting laser projects, for instance. Of course, the success of these projects also depends on both the technical and the peripheral equipment. The TBH GmbH from Straubenhardt (Germany) thus supports the society and provides a type BF 100 filter system for laser applications. Its individual filter steps for different particle sizes reliably remove any pollutants arising during laser processing. Afterwards, the cleaned air can either be recirculated to the work area or discharged into the open air outside the laboratory. With this donation, the TBH GmbH does not only ensure clean air at the laser laboratory, but it also assumes part of its social responsibility.


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