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For space-saving operation of laser markers // Mobile extraction and filtration systems

TBH GmbH presents the new generation of the GL Desk extraction and filter systems for use in laser applications. The system is the result of thorough development. It was specifically designed for its application as base unit for small laser markers. It combines the extraction and filter function with the advantages of a work bench.

Several parts of the system were analysed and improved at the new generation of the GL Desk series. In future, the system will consequently be equipped with an even bigger prefilter increasing the service life of the system by up to 50%. The optimised airflow inside the system furthermore allows an improved inflow into the filter thus easing the system cleaning.

In addition to the individual filter levels of the GL Desk series, the whole system concept has also been reviewed and the modular concept, which has proven itself in other TBH systems, was now implemented for the new system as well. In case servicing is required, the turbine module can now be sent independently from the whole system thus significantly reducing the customers’ efforts and expenditures.

The significant cost reduction for the extraction and filter system is yet another benefit of the redesign. It was achieved by optimising the production and by the new design of the body. As a consequence, the retail price of the new GL 30 was reduced by more than 20 % in comparison to the previous model of the system.

Despite reduced costs, the new generation of the GL Desk series also uses the INSPIRE electronic control system. The new colour display allows intuitive handling without complicated menu navigation and provides a quick overview of any important information regarding the system status. In addition to the known features, the new interface now also includes an error memory and a special programming access. On the one hand, this improves the support communication between customer and retailer or manufacturer and, on the other hand, it facilitates the adjustment of the system to the customer’s specific requirements directly on site.

Another main aspect during the development was the preservation of the following attributes also for the new system generation: energy-efficient, powerful, quiet. Using a new blower, the system’s energy-saving and low-noise characteristics are preserved despite the increased vacuum level. With a maximum noise level of 53 dB(A), the system can even be used in noise-sensitive areas.


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