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Reliable extraction of unwanted dusts and critical gases // TBH DT 100/150 downdraft table

The compact DT 100/150 downdraft table by TBH GmbH was developed as a combination of a standing workstation with an integrated extraction system. It is mainly used for the extraction of dusts and gases arising at certain working processes – e.g. when decanting or filling solid or liquid substances within a protective enclosure. It is particularly suitable for applications in workshops, laboratories and at the production of electronic components. Using DT 100/150, gluing and paint works with liquids containing solvents can be performed safely and in compliance with the given workplace requirements. The DT 150 version of the downdraft table was developed in accordance with ATEX guidelines and is suitable for the zones 22 (dust) and 2 (gas) thus complying with ATEX category EX II 3GD.

Besides its compact size with dimensions of 1 800 mm x 800 mm x 680 mm (H x W x D), the downdraft table features additional specific product characteristics. Using the integrated height adjustment, the working height can be adjusted infinitely between 850 and 950 mm. The protective screen and the possibility to adjust its height in steps of 50 mm allow a further optimisation of the application-oriented workstation configuration. For even further improvement of the user friendliness, the system is also available with a factory-fitted foot switch as optional accessory. A differential pressure indicator located on the front of the system allows monitoring the saturation filters. As most of the TBH extraction systems, the downdraft table also features a multi-level design. It comes with a prefilter (F5) as part of its standard equipment. Depending on the specific application purpose, the system can additionally be equipped with a particle/HEPA filter (H13) extracting finest dust particles and with a gas filter (activated carbon/BAC).


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