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Changing filters safely and contamination-free in clean rooms // TBH CR Series mobile extraction and filtration systems

Normally, these particles are adsorbed by means of special storage filters which need to be replaced or changed after a certain period of operation. The passing out and subsequent passing in of the extraction and filtration system out of and back into the clean room to change the filter costs time which is, of course, reflected in concrete costs for the operator.

TBH''s CR series mobile extraction systems demonstrate their specific benefits in this deployment area. A total of four basic devices can be adapted and/or upgraded modularly to the respective clean room class and the concrete application. The modular device concept also makes contamination-free filter changes easier and thus offers the necessary security for operators, employees and the workroom environment. The exhausted filter is passed out completely via transfer liner and a new filter block is passed in.

The separation of the filter block from the extraction system mounting bracket is the most critical point here but is uncomplicated due to a special design and procedure for CR series devices. The encapsulated filter blocks contain a suction tube and an extendable protective hose. When the suction tube is disconnected from the mounting bracket pipe, the protective hose can extend a little and the disconnection point is bridged. This permits the protective hose to be crimped over the open air intake with a special tool so that is airtight. This means that the filter cassette air intake and the pipe on the mounting bracket are still dustproof and shielded from the environment. The crimping point is then cut off centrically with the cutting tool.

The protective hose of the new filter block is now pulled over the mounting bracket pipe and fixed in place. The remaining sealed hose can be pulled off the mounting bracket pipe by means of an insert in the transfer liner; this remains in the new filter''s connector. This procedure ensures that no particles from the used and replaced filter block get into the ambient air to roam around in the clean room.

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