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Lower costs, lower sound levels and new control electronics in the clean room

Clean room series series has been updated

The CR system series for use in clean rooms and clean room areas was updated. Optimising the system structure and the model scope as well as thanks to concomitantly lowered costs, we were able to lower the catalogue prices of these systems by approx. 35 % as well despite maintaining the same high product quality. Using a new type of blower with a high air flow rate, we also managed to reduce the sound level. The CR series is now also equipped with the new powerful electronic control system and it now comes with protection class IP65 as standard.

The CR system series is perfectly suitable for applications in SaS2 cleanliness rooms and SaS3 clean rooms. At clean rooms used for processing tasks such as glueing, cleaning tasks, filling tasks or laser processing for process-related purposes, the use of mobile extraction and filter systems is absolutely indispensable. As filter replacement within clean rooms usually poses a risk for the process safety, TBH developed a patented contamination-free filter replacement procedure via transfer liner. In this manner, the used filter is unloaded and a new filter block is loaded. Even without wearing adequate protective clothing, the operator will not get in touch with dangerous or toxic dusts. In case the extraction and filter system is used in SaS2 cleanliness rooms, the customer can also choose low-contamination filter replacement. This allows cost-optimised filter replacement using a tubular film.

The new and increased protection class IP65 eases the system cleaning. In addition, ISO 14644-1 certification is implemented and the requirements of the EG-GMP guidelines in line with ISO class 3 are met as well.

Furthermore, the CR series is now also equipped with the new INSPIRE control electronics. It allows intuitive handling without complicated menu navigation. The colour display informs the users about any relevant information concerning the system status. Moreover, the fitted interface now also includes a special programming access. This eases the support communication and the adjustment of the system to the customer’s specific requirements right on site.

For customers purchasing a CR extraction system, TBH also offers the installation qualification (IQ) and the operational qualification (OQ). In other words, if desired by the customer, he does not only receive instruction, assembly and final acceptance of his CR filter system (IQ), but also documented function tests and classification measurements related to the intended use of the device (OQ).


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