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#Product Trends

New turbine with wide-range input

From the turn of the year 2017/2018, we will equip all our TBH filter and extraction systems with the new wide-range turbine. This allows operating voltages of 100 - 240 V in a mains frequency of 50/60 Hz.

By using the new turbine, we ensure a standardization, because it can be used worldwide. In the future, we only will install the wide-range turbine in all our systems of the LN, FP, OEN and BF series.

The wide-range input describes the circuitry of a power adapter that consumes energy. This circuit has such a wide input voltage range that it can be used in almost every country in the world. We supply our filtration and extraction systems in over 80 countries worldwide. These do not all have the same mains voltages. While in Germany and Europe, electric devices are operated with a voltage of 230 V, in North America they need only 110 V. Thus far, we have installed two different turbines, depending on which country the system was delivered.

However, this is no longer necessary in the future, as the wide-range turbine compensates the different grid voltages. A transformer is not necessary. With the installation of the new turbine, the systems are directly equipped for the international market. They comply with the mains voltage directive and the current EN standards for CE conformity. By standardizing, we also save storage and production costs and are able to ship the systems with a delivery time of about two weeks.


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