By-pass magnetic level gauges LT series

Tecfluid S.A.
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There are many and varied ways to measure the liquid level inside a tank. Today we talk about one of the most widespread

Magnetic transmission level indicators are usually very robust and resistant to extreme temperature and pressure conditions, as well as corrosive chemicals, depending on the manufacturing materials used.

Although they are not suitable for very dirty or highly viscous fluids, they are easy to install and can incorporate switches, which allow sending alarm signals to remote equipment, and also (level transmitters) resistive sensors with 4-20 mA transmitter proportional to the level.

For these, and for some other reasons that we indicate later in this article, it is one of the most widely used forms of level measurement in the industry.

In this article we talk about them, in particular, the level gauges that we manufacture in Tecfluid: their working principle, how is the level reading performed, materials and connections, advantages and disadvantages of using them... you just have to click on the link.



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