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Simple and eco-friendly, a new environmentally responsible tool has just made its appearance!

The iconic figure in marking and traceability, Technifor offers laser solutions for a wealth of industrial applications and it has expanded its offer with the release of the CO2 laser marking machine.

Conscious of environmental issues, Technifor is broadening its horizons to encompass the direct marking of organic materials.

Today, 70% of the fruits and vegetables sold in Europe are labelled, which requires the use of inks and polluting solvents.

Forget about labels and pollution: the Technifor CO2 laser system allows direct marking on most foodstuffs.

So any logo or message can be marked on the skin of a banana, avocado, orange etc.

The marking does not penetrate the skin of the product which therefore retains all its flavour, quality and fragrance.

This not only allows the logo and label to be marked, but also the country of origin of the products with no polluting consumables whatsoever, whilst reducing the carbon footprint by 98%!

From the most robust to the highest precision machines, and the most compact, Technifor integrable laser systems have become indispensable in industrial traceability: already an expert in the field, the brand constantly demonstrates its know-how and its ability to push back its own boundaries.

Example of marking on an avocado, performed by CO2 laser
Example of marking on an avocado, performed by CO2 laser

C-series integrable laser, featuring CO2 technology

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