Gravotech Marking
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Rolling out traceability in the timber industry to combat deforestation!

The iconic figure in marking and traceability, Technifor offers laser solutions for a wealth of industrial applications and it has expanded its offer with the release of the CO2 laser marking machine.

The timber industry is becoming increasingly plagued by the illegal trade.

To counter this phenomenon, the international standardisation organisation, ISO, is taken measures (ISO 38001, PC287 etc.) which, in particular, require that timber products comply with traceability obligations and bear CE marking.

At present, CE marking and traceability marking in general involves the use of ink and polluting consumables.

Mindful of your materials, Technifor offers an identification and traceability system that respects your products and the environment: the CO2 laser system performs marking directly at the end of production, without deforming them or affecting their quality.

This indelible and forgery-proof marking delivers end-to-end traceability and compliance with the standards imposed by the European Union.

Fast, high-quality and considerably more versatile than hot-stamping or ink stamping, the laser CO2 system is capable of performing marking on the fly, thus meeting the most exacting requirements in terms of precision and speed.

The laser CO2 machine is the future of traceability in organic materials.

Ink marking on the right, marking by Technifor CO2 laser on the left
Ink marking on the right, marking by Technifor CO2 laser on the left

Example of a Technifor application on timber

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