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NEW: dot peen marking machine by Technomark

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Thanks to its innovative design, the new marking machine M4 inline can be easily integrated in production lines.

Easy to use, this new range of dot peen marking products especially designed for production lines ensures 30% time saving for the machine commisioning and installation and also a reduction of 40% of maintenance costs.

The marking equipment is equiped with the IDI* Mark & Track function which is able to predict production outages and reduces their duration significantly due to automatic functions that determine maintenance requirements.


ROBUST: Frame in moulded aluminium. Each axis is fitted with a ball bearing and a transmision system with automatic compensation.

HANDY: Mounting connection cable can be connected at the back or on top of the marking head, to facilitate the integration. Three mounting bracket positions are available.

ERGONOMIC: Vertical or horizontal position, easily adaptable to any rackmount configuration due to a connection at the back of the machine.

FLEXIBLE: First integrated marking equipment fitted with a 16 bus card for greater time efficiency and productivity

NEW: dot peen marking machine by Technomark

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