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NEW: Serie 62BS

"TR-Roll" polyurethane wheels with aluminium centre

Designed for:

- Reducing operators' effort when manually handling loads on even floors

- Reducing noise during use


They show excellent rolling resistance and ability to damp noise when manually handling medium/heavy- duty loads, for mostly indoor use, on regular floors or slightly uneven surfaces with small obstacles.

Not suitable for mechanical handling.


- Tyre: TR-Roll polyurethane, hardness 75 Shore A, with excellent rolling resistance and elasticity and good resistance to wear and tear.

- Centre: made of cast aluminium

- Hub with shielded ball bearings with interference assembly in the seats obtained by centre moulding; also available without bearings

Fittings with Light-duty (NL), Medium-duty (M), Heavy-duty (P) brackets


  • 41043 Formigine, Province of Modena, Italy
  • Francesca Bertotti